Rechargeable hearing aids are a fairly recent addition to the hearing healthcare landscape. In the past, rechargeable batteries couldn’t provide enough power in a small enough battery to be feasible for use in hearing aids. Recently, though, thanks to lithium-ion technology, rechargeable batteries are not only available, they are also long-lasting and reliable for use in hearing aids!

So the answer to whether rechargeable hearing aids are right for you is YES…probably. Let me explain.

Starkey makes two rechargeable hearing aid systems

A rechargeable hearing aid system — like our Muse iQR or Livio AI — consists of hearing aids with rechargeable batteries, a charging station for the hearing aids, and a power cord. When the hearing aids are not in use, they should rest in their charger, which also doubles as case.

It is as simple as that — if the hearing aids aren’t on your ears, they should be charging in their case! The chance of losing the hearing aids is lessened. And charging time is typically short, so the hearing aids are always ready to be used. Starkey’s Livio AI and Muse iQR charging stations can even charge the hearing aids up to three times without being plugged into an outlet.

There are many benefits to rechargeable hearing aids

The benefits of rechargeable hearing aids are many. You no longer need to buy hearing aid batteries. You don’t have to worry about keeping spare batteries on hand. If you keep them charged, you shouldn’t run out of power at inconvenient times. Rechargeable hearing aids are better for the environment because you aren’t buying and disposing of regular, zinc batteries. There is no need to fumble with inserting or removing tiny batteries from the hearing instruments. In fact, there is no battery door on the newest rechargeable hearing aids.

Not all styles come in a rechargeable option

The only downside to rechargeable systems is that they aren’t available in all styles of hearing aids yet. If you want custom hearing aids, you’ll have to use regular hearing aid batteries.

Otherwise, rechargeable hearing aids are a great solution for someone who wants a low-fuss and reliable battery system for their hearing healthcare needs!

If you want to give one of our popular rechargeable hearing aids a try, we can help. Call 1-888-908-1845 or click here and we’ll connect you with a hearing professional near you who can set you up with a risk-free 30-day trial.

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By Amanda Edwards, Au.D.